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Has your washing machine started skipping the spin cycle? Is your washer leaking? Do strange noises accompany every load of wash? If “yes” is the answer to any of these questions, it’s time to call Anchor Appliance Repair. Providing washing machine repair and more for over 55 years, our appliance repair specialists are the experts you need to resolve just about any washing machine problem. From minor repairs like loose bolts to more major issues like damaged inlet valves,

Anchorage Washer and Dryer Repair

Anchor Appliance Repair has the specialized knowledge and skill to get your washing machine or dryer back in tip-top shape fast.

Anchor Appliance Repair specializes in all types of household appliance repair, including washing machine repairs. We service a full range of makes and models, so no matter what type of washer you have, we should be able to help. Our team of professionals will provide complete troubleshooting and diagnostics to identify the source of the problem as well as the symptoms and then thoroughly repair the issue. We carry most washer dryer repair parts in our trucks, and we’re even available for same-day service in many cases. A broken washer doesn’t have to be a major hassle – Anchor Appliance Repair can do that for you.

Remember, a malfunctioning washer doesn’t mean you automatically need to buy a new appliance. Washer dryer repair from Anchor Appliance Repair is an affordable, effective way to resolve a broad range of washing machine problems from broken pumps to leaky hoses. We’re here to help you save big with our expert washing machine repairs. Whether you suspect there’s a developing problem or your washer has stopped working all together, Anchor Appliance Repair is ready to help you get it fixed ASAP. Why spend your hard-earned money on a brand-new washer when our team of professionals has what it takes to get your old washer working like new? So don’t let mountains of laundry overwhelm you: call today for washing machine repair in Anchorage.

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At Anchor Appliance Repair, we’ve been doing business for over 55 years. When it comes to diagnosing and repairing your appliance, we give a guarantee of dependability and value that you will not easily find anywhere else.

Anchor Appliance Repair uses only genuine brand-name commercial grade components designed specifically for Maytag, Kenmore and Whirlpool washers and dryers. We only use original manufacturer’s replacement parts that ensure both strength and dependability for years of reliable performance of your appliance.

Anchorage Appliance Repair makes on-site repairs, so there is no need to move the appliance. Simply schedule an appointment, and an experienced, highly qualified appliance repair technician will be at your door to fix your washing machine or dryer right in your laundry room.

13 money saving tips that will extend the life of your washing machine and lower the cost of energy.

  • Make sure that the washing machine’s feet are level to prevent an imbalance in the machine that may cause loud noises and added wear and tear on the unit.
  • Make sure water faucets are in good condition. Connect to faucets carefully; improperly connecting to the faucets can cause major water damage to the home. Turning faucets on and off before and after you wash can extend the life of you hoses. This also prevents hard water buildup.
  • Rubber Hoses, over time, get worn out, brittle and leak. It is recommended that hoses be replaced every 5-7 years.
  • Check drain hoses are not impeded from draining. Remove kinks and other stoppages. Improper draining may cause the pump to overheat and burn out.
  • If your washing machine has a lint filter, remove and clean regularly to prevent clogs.
  • Do not overload with clothes because the added pressure on the hoses can cause them to burst.
  • Use the proper amount of detergent (see detergent box instructions) for your washer and water hardness. Don’t use too much detergent because too many soap suds will cause the washing machine to work harder and use extra energy. Detergent dissolves in water temperature over 55 degrees F.
  • Save money and energy by washing in warm water. Washing clothes in hot water uses twice as much energy as washing in warm water.
  • Presoaking is recommended for soiled items while shorter cycles are recommended for delicate items.
  • Washing one large load is more efficient than washing two smaller loads.
  • Washing small loads with a large water level will prevent proper cleaning because there is reduced agitation.
  • Check that the spin cycle is spinning properly because putting wet clothes in the dryer will use more energy in the dryer.
  • Check belts regularly to see if they need replacement. Worn or stretched belts will cause the washing machine to work harder.